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Segelboot Mini

4.199 €

Special Features

Deltania Mini sailboat at a special price!

The Deltania Mini is our new addition to the model range and a unique market offering. At first glance, the size of the boat may seem unusual or like a model boat, but the Deltania Mini is a fully-fledged sailing boat, which has a number of advantages and features.

Thanks to its compact format of 2.30 m long and 1.20 m wide, the Deltania Mini is very easy to transport. For example, it can be transported on the roof of a car with a suitable device or in a trailer. Its low weight of 40 kg makes it very easy to carry the boat with two people. In addition, the small size of the Deltania Mini allows you to sail in very small waters. The easy handling and forgiving sailing behavior of the Deltania Mini makes it ideal for sailing beginners, but also for people with disabilities or for learning purposes. Regatta enthusiasts will also get their money’s worth with this boat. We have developed special sails and a centerboard with more ballast, which makes sporty sailing possible. The design of the Deltania Mini is based on that of modern yachts and follows a clear line. The helmsman’s seat is located in the companionway of the yacht. The rudder is operated from here using a joystick. All sheets also run over the deck into the companionway and can be used from here. As the centerboard and rudder can be operated from the cockpit, the Deltania Mini can be launched from the jetty, beach, shallow water, etc. Another big plus point is that the basic price includes sails, fittings, centerboard etc.. This means that you receive a ready-to-sail boat after purchase and can hit the water straight away.


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