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Ek Marine Service

About Us

EK Marine Service – Christopher del Castillo & Francesco Esser del Castillo.
We are 2nd generation boat & yacht dealers. The products we stand for are designed to provide the backdrop and platform for the perfect experience on the water. Therefore, our portfolio ranges from rugged aluminum boats to highly polished sport boats and classy yachts.

With many equipment options, we cater to the wishes of our customers. In addition, we offer the customer all related services and shipyard work. Furthermore, we have a very high interest that our customers are very satisfied with our products and services, because we only offer and process products with which we identify ourselves and fulfill our high demands.



Christopher is the businessman with creative impulses and the organizational talent, Francesco the detail-obsessed and determined implementer.

Together, the brothers form a symbiosis of commercial expertise and craftsman know-how and act in daily exchange. Their motto: “We don’t sell anything we wouldn’t drive ourselves”.

In addition, the two are united by their proximity to the water and, above all, their passion for speedboats; together with their father, they have been taking part in poker run races for years.

The Crew:

The pillars and anchors of our home port – a mixture of imaginative and creative minds. From boat engine mechanics with many years of experience, to career changers, to experienced boat builders and sailing instructors, who all share one motto:

“Obstacles and difficulties are steps on which we climb to the heights.”

– Friedrich Nietzsche –


Telefon: +49 5036 855 49 43