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Dive into the exciting world of Sensation Boats, an up-and-coming brand from South Africa, with its impressive lineup of CE-certified bow riders. The collection includes five models with outboard engines - SX170, SX180, SX230, SX250 and SX260 - as well as a premium model range with inboard engines - SXI230, SXI240 and SXI260. The brand has earned a reputation not only for offering innovative and stylish boats, but also for its unbeatable value for money and first-class quality.

All Sensation models can be equipped with advanced digital interfaces that integrate the latest Garmin marine devices for navigation, engine data, entertainment and safety. These advanced technologies ensure that the crew is always on the right course and safe underway.

It is important to emphasize that Sensation boats stand out not only for their technology and innovations, but also for their unique price-performance ratio and premium manufacturing quality. This makes Sensation boats a premium choice for water enthusiasts looking for quality and value. All models can be customized according to the customer's wishes, whether for ultimate water sports fun or leisurely sunbathing. In Europe, these exceptional boats are only available exclusively through EK Marine Service. Dive in and experience the fascination of Sensation Boats. Create your own sensational experience and use the configurator at


Phone: +49 5036 855 49 43