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700 HT

Powerful companion


700 HT

from 59.998 €

Special Features

UMS 700 HT

High-performance speedboat

The UMS 700 HT aluminum boat is a speed boat. It is intended for use with outboard motors with a maximum power of up to 250 hp. Like all boats built by the UMS company, it has unique characteristics of strength, the boat is adapted to the most severe operating conditions.

Safety and speed

Designed for rescuers, water police and other services related to water spaces, for fishermen, hunters and people who lead an active lifestyle. For additional comfort, the boat can be equipped with a sleeping place.

UMS 700 HT


Fully welded hull made of aluminum alloy 5083 H 111
Open bow with seats
Cabin bow door opened from outside
Aluminum driver and passenger consoles painted black
Back seats in the cabin
Walls furnished with carpet
Cealing furnished with carpet
Deck in the cabin covered with EVA carpeting
Deck outside antiskid aluminum
Soft seat AG Baltic on turnable pedestalwith the slider Springfield 1240729-L
Welded railings
Welded cleats – 6 pcs
Navigation lights + anchor light
Roof hatch Vetus – 2 pcs

Cabin and caddy LED light
Driver and passanger wipers Vetus
Trimtabs with joystick
UMS ladder
Fuel system for 220 l.
Navigational+anchor lights
Hydraulic steering system
Control panel for the electric equipment
Anode hull protection with mounting bracket
Polyurethane foam inside the hull
Fender profile
Electric socket 12 V with USB
Automatic bilge pump
Bi-polar main switch
Battery container

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