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3.350 €

Special Features

Thomas Trailer BT-2000L zGG. 2000Kg boat trailer for boats up to 7.0 meters

Product information:

Two-axle boat trailer with overrun brake for transporting boats up to 1541 kg and a maximum length of 7.1 m.
Thanks to the use of attachments on the U-bolts, the user can freely configure all elements for the transported boat: Adjustment of the supports, adjustment of the axle position to set the appropriate load on the hook, adjustment of the front marker lights and many other options.

Chassis: single-axle or double-axle AL-KO or KNOTT WATERPROOF – waterproof hub bearings
Tires: R13C
Suspension: independent, sprung on a torsion shaft
Drawbar type V.
AL-KO or KNOTT – rubber spring axle with independent suspension, infinitely adjustable position (sliding)
Adjustable axle position

Support frame made of closed steel profiles, welded
Hot-dip galvanized
Quick and easy disassembly and assembly Light bar
The trailer can be quickly adjusted by extending the light bar


Support wheel + clamp, solid wheel

Height-adjustable winch stand

4 double side castors, easily adjustable

4 keel rollers

13-pin plug

Balanced wheels with M + S tires

incl. COC approval papers

2-year manufacturer’s warranty

2 years HU on first registration

Optional accessories:

Automatic support wheel incl. clamp holder: € 50.00

Holder for lashing straps: € 20.00

Axle shock absorber incl. holder: € 180.00


Phone: +49 5036 855 49 43