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retro - electric boat



from 53.900 €

Special Features

CANNA One is nothing less than poetry that glides on waves. It is the art of combining tradition with modernity, in a shape that cuts elegantly through the water. It is a sigh for the style of the past, with a touch of nostalgia that cannot be ignored. Every detail, every line, every curve in CANNA One speaks of a long romance with the sea, realized through cutting-edge technologies. This is a boat that not only sails with grace, but above all moves hearts and offers an elegant answer to the call of the future - emission-free, silent and respectful of travel in nature.

Noise- and emission-free

This is where you belong... Wherever your CANNA takes you, you arrive in style, without noise and emission-free. You immediately connect with your surroundings with all your senses. You feel welcome everywhere - like a long-awaited friend.

Minimal Console Design

Mit einem minimalistischen Retro-Design passt dein CANNA One perfekt in jede Umgebung. Angetrieben von einem wartungsfreien Elektromotor, lenkt sein leichter und robuster Rumpf leicht. Modernste LFP-Batterien ermöglichen es Ihnen, das Erlebnis den ganzen Tag zu genießen. Laden Sie sie einfach an jedem Hafen wieder auf.

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